New Built Drydock

New Built Drydock

We can develop this new built drydock with delivery end 2014

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This specification describes a 52m. floating dock capable of loading 900 tonnes.

The dock has 4 pontoons at the bottom with the dimensions of aft and fore 10x21x2.250 and mid pontoons 12x21x2.250.Each pontoon is divided into three (3) separate tank sections.

The wing section side walls are divided into five (5) compartments one is for ballast pump room and others as ballast tanks to create higher lifting capacity for docking. Ballast tanks at the wings also giving capability of adjusting trim and heel.

Dock has totally 20 ballast tanks to enable the operator to adjust the trim and heel during docking or undocking of a dock. One side has a one pump room and opposite designed for a void space working as a safety tank.

Below main deck inside void space there is a cabin with toilet with shower, workshop, store, transformer room changing room including showers and toilets and generator room.

At the aft end of the dock one hinged catwalks are provided enabling personnel to walk from one side wall to another.


Length Overall :52.00 m.

External Beam Moulded (app.) : 21.00 m.

Internal Beam Moulded (app.) : 16.00 m.

Depth Moulded (app.) : 10.00 m.

Draught (design) (max.) : 9.00 m.

Draught (scantling) (max.) : 9.00 m.

Depth bottom pontoons : 2.25 m.

Width Side Walls : 2.50 m.

Maximum Lifting capacity : 900 tonnes

Freeboard : 1.00 m.