Martrade BV, Shipbrokers from Sliedrecht recently received the request from a Swiss company that is engaged in mining activities in Africa to supply a number of barges and tugs for these activities.

Following this request, Prevent Survey BV from Dordrecht was contracted to inspect and assess a number of inland vessels, pushertugs and hopperbarges, offered by Martrade BV.

Prevent Survey BV also conducted a class survey on the ships and issued new Classification Certificates for these vessels.

Due to the heavy workload and the holiday period it was very difficult to find locations able to dock the vessels in time, but Martrade BV successfully docked all units at three different locations.

Since the submersible vessel “Super Servant 4” that was chartered for this purpose would arrive in Rotterdam on August 2nd there was little time to get everything done.

However, due to the efforts and cooperation of all parties involved, Martrade BV succeeded to deliver all units alongside only a few hours before the laycan of the “Super Servant 4” commenced.

On Friday morning at 0500 hours the Super Servant 4 of Sevenstar Yacht Transport from Amsterdam started the submersion operations, after which the inland vessels commenced “floating in” at 0600 hours. Two hours later all six units were “floated in” and deballasting started. Same day around 20.00 hours the lashing & securing was completed.

The total operation, supervised by Owners “Supercargo” and Towservice BV from Dordrecht was completed within only 15 hours.

pictures: © Foto & videoproducties van der Kloet